5 Tips for Working Out with Kids

Working out with my kids at home is nothing new for me, I have been doing it for 5 YEARS now. I used to go to gym all the time before kids but the second I had my son I realized with our schedule that wasn’t going to be so easy anymore. So for the last 5 years I have only worked out at home. During this time I have learned a few tricks on how to get it done and I want to share with you!

1. Be prepared: Two things here- First be prepared and have a game plan on what you are going to do for your workout. The last thing you want is to use that precious time on figuring out what your workout is and then you just wasted 15 minutes just on planning. So write your workout down first or get it uploaded on the screen before you get the kids all settled in.

Second- Have the kids prepared with snacks and games or anything they are into. I have heard it over and over as I am in the middle of working out if they can have a snack or have more milk. So get those things ready!!!

2. Include them: Kids love moving and playing. Turn your workouts into playtime for them. I will set up little stations and they jump rope or hop over things when I am also on those moves. I have bought them little weights, so they feel like they are doing the workout too. We also go hiking a lot together or I take them jogging in the stroller. So finding activities that you enjoy together that still allow you to move and sweat is so important.

3. Naptime: If you really want to crush a workout with no distractions, use their nap times for your workout time. This is my go to!

4. Screen time: I know I know I said it screen time. I don’t let my kids watch that much tv, but when they do, I am using that time to my advantage. In the mornings they watch cartoons while having breakfast, so I use that time to plan my workout /get things set up etc. for later in the day.

5. Go with the flow- Sometimes things are not going to go as planned like you had set up, but realize a little bit of something is better than nothing. Learning to make adjustments is key when working out with kids.

"I thought about giving up, but then I remembered who was watching"

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