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Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Hello Everyone!

With everything happening in the world and the gyms closed I have been providing free home workouts on my social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. I will provide the links at the bottom of the page, so if you would like to follow along and view the workouts in the weeks to come!

I decided I wanted a place where I could include the entire week’s worth of workouts in one spot for you!  These workouts are no more than 30 minutes and require minimal equipment. My workouts include dynamic, compound movements at constantly varied intensities to keep your body guessing and deliver results. The styles I incorporate are circuit, interval and resistance training. These workouts are going to get your heart rate up quick, which will burn more fat even after your workout is done as well as building strength along the way.


Day 1

This workout involves 4 circuits with 2 different moves in each circuit. Each circuit is 4 rounds. First round is move one for 20 seconds then 10 second break then move two 20 seconds on with 10 second break then repeat.

Circuit 1 Jumping Jacks Mountain Climbers ————————— Circuit 2 Burpees Squats —————————— Circuit 3 High knees Bicycle kicks ——————————- Circuit 4 Squat Jumps Push up + Shoulder Taps


Day 2

All you need today is one dumbbell! We are completing another Tabata style workout, but switching up the interval times today to 40/20. So, each move will be 40 seconds of work followed by a 20 second rest. Today I have 5 moves for you to seriously torch some calories and you may feel it a little in the legs 😉

4 Rounds (As many reps as possible) 1. Goblet Squat (40 seconds) 20 second break 2. Alternating hang power snatch (40 seconds) 20 second break 3. Overhead lunge (40 seconds) 20 second break 4. Thrusters (40 seconds) 20 second break 5. Push up with Tap/Tap on the dumbbell (40 seconds) 20 second break *repeat 3 more times . . I recommend downloading an interval timer on your phone or there are a ton of free ones online that will help keep you on track with the time splits.


Day 3

You just need to find something to jump over and either a kettlebell or dumbbell. You can also complete air squats if you don’t have a kettlebell or dumbbell. I choose a laundry basket to jump over for this workout. And no the laundry was not finished, just dumped out the dirty clothes before I started this workout.

15 minutes AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) 1 jump 1 KB swing 2 jumps 2 KB swings 3 jumps 3 KB swings * Keep adding 1 rep each round


Day 4

You will need a set of dumbbells.

10 burpees 3 dumbbell power cleans 3 weighted squats -rest for the remainder of the 2 minutes If you want more of a challenge increase the power clean and squats to 5 Repeat the circuit when the clock hits minute 2,4,6,8 and so on until 20 minutes. At the end of the 20 minutes you would have completed the circuit 10 times! Lets crush going into this weekend that may be a bit lazier than before during this isolation time.


To see the video demonstrations of these workouts please visit my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Facebook- www.facebook.com/heathermartinfit

Instagram- heather__martin_

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