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Hello Everyone! With everything happening in the world and the gyms closed I have been providing free home workouts on my social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. I will provide the links at the bottom of the page, so if you would like to follow along and view the workouts in the weeks to come! I decided I wanted a place where I could include the entire week’s worth of workouts in one spot for you! These workouts are no more than 30 minutes and require minimal equipment. My workouts include dynamic, compound movements at constantly varied intensities to keep your body guessing and deliver results. The styles I incorporate are circuit, interval and resistance training. These workouts are going to get your heart rate up quick, which will burn more fat even after your workout is done as well as building strength along the way.


Day 1

So I am beginning this week with a kick butt workout for everyone. It is a CHIPPER!! A chipper is a workout in which you complete the repetitions stated of each exercise before moving onto the next. So you can’t go onto the 90 air squats until you have completed the 100 jumping jacks and so on. Monday’s workouts: Chipper (You will need one dumbbell)

100 jumping jacks 90 air squats 80 mountain climbers 70 dumbbell swings 60 alternating lunges 50 sit ups 40 push ups 30 box jumps or alternating step ups 20 burpees 10 thrusters


Day 2

Today we are going to focus on the upper body because my legs are a little sore from yesterday 🙂

Two circuits and each circuit is 3 rounds Circuit 1- Bodyweight 15 Tricep dips 20 Up and down planks 15 Incline push ups 20 T planks (10 on each side, complete 10 on the right then switch to 10 on the left) 3X Take a minute break Circuit 2 – (2 Dumbbells needed)


Day 3

Since it is the middle of the week we might has well throw in a little spice today. This one will catch up to you quick so make sure you remember to pace yourself.

20 Minutes (As many rounds as possible) 9 Burpress 12 Weighted step overs 15 Box jumps *You can substitute the box jumps for air squats


Day 4

Today we have 3 round of 5 moves with a 1 minute rest between rounds. Min 1- Broad jump with fast feet Min 2- Side lunge with knee raise Min 3- Inchworm to push up Min 4- Ski jumps Min 5- Butt kicks *Rest one minute before next rounds 3X


Day 5

I am sure some people are feeling uncertainly, stress, anxiety because I know I am right now with Covid-19. When I have these feelings I usually go into my garage gym and try and do a hard workout to leave those thoughts behind me. That is why I programmed this today. It is going to be a little tougher but you got this! This is your time to not think about your responsibilities, to-do list, any stress but to just focus on the workout in front of you. It is your time to let that all go for a moment. 3 rounds (For time) should be around 20/25 minutes 26 Burpee box jumps (sub burpee step ups) 26 DB power cleans 26 Thrusters *If accessible pick a weight that is challenging where you have to break up the reps into 2 or 3 sets.

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