My Fitness Journey During My 2nd Pregnancy

I heard it over and over again that all pregnancies are different, but to be honest my first pregnancy and this one are pretty much identical as far as the symptoms go. Now granted I am 3 years older so I don’t know if that means it is easier to pack on the pounds, but boy the scale moved up pretty quickly during this pregnancy. With my first son I hit 25 pounds at the end and with my second pregnancy I am almost at 40 pounds….. that’s right a big fat Four Zero. But throughout this whole pregnancy I am been working out 5 days a week if not 6 days some weeks and eating pretty much like I did before I was pregnant. I am just going with the flow during this pregnancy and assuming this is just the amount of weight my body needed and wanted to gain and all I can do is nourish it with healthy food and keeping active.

Before my second pregnancy I felt like I was in the best shape of my life.  I had started picking up running after my son was born and completed two half marathons.  I was NOT a runner at all before having my son and I think the most I ran before that was maybe 4 miles and those were 4 very HARD miles.  But after training for a half marathon I fell in love with running and actually enjoyed it…who would have guessed!!  I also have always loved weight lifting so I made sure to keep up with lifting weights and doing a lot of my own body weight training and quick workouts at home, usually no more than 30 minutes.

So I set a goal to workout 5 days a week throughout the entire pregnancy.  During the first trimester I didn’t experience a lot of sickness, mainly just extreme exhaustion.  I have to blame that on being pregnant and also chasing a toddler around after a long day of work 🙂  Since, I was really just tired, I was still able to keep up with my running routine.  I ran at a much slower pace and just did a max of 5-6 miles each run.  People probably thought I was crazy but I would just talk to my dog on the runs to make sure that I was breathing well enough that I could carry on a conversation. Arlo (my pup) and I had a lot of heart to heart talks during that first trimester.  On top of the running I also would do about 3-4 short 30 minute workouts during the week.  Mainly focusing on cardio, so lots of sprints, jumping jacks, burpees etc. to get my heart-rate going. I had stopped going to the gym for the past 2 years prior, so the maximum amount of weight that I have at home are 20 pounds, so really nothing crazy.  I prefer to just do a lot of workouts that involve my own body weight, so lots of push ups, chin ups, burpees, and lunge type moves.

Throughout the second trimester the good ol energy FINALLY kicked back in. I still was running but only doing a mile or 2 during each run. I actually ran my last mile around 24 weeks. At this point running was causing too much pain on my pelvic area and I was nervous to push it to hard. I didn’t have a great recovery with my first pregnancy C-section and actually could even feel a little pain every once in a while, putting on my pants or something random up to a year after the surgery. At that point I decided that I was only going to stick to 30 minute workouts 5 days a week. Many of you may know about the popular 21 Day Fix, P90X and ShiftShop programs offered through Beachbody. Since I had a year long subscription I would do those workouts during my lunch break at work and lifted no more than 10 pounds max. I felt these workouts got my heartrate up, but not too high and I was still able to lift some light weights. On the weekends I would take my workouts outside as much as possible and would go hiking with my son. (This picture on the right is at 20 weeks).

Now the third trimester is kicking my ass a little 🙂  I can’t complain at all because my body is still feeling really good though.  I haven’t experienced any real back pain or soreness, but just a sense of my body taking longer to recover and catch my breath.  At this point I am still doing my normal workouts that I did before pregnancy besides the running.  I am just taking them at a much slower pace.  As I am writing this blog I am 36 weeks and I am still doing burpees.  I secretly love burpees that is why!!!  I have modified them to accommodate for this very large belly, so I am not putting my stomach on the ground but just going into a plank position then standing back up and doing a calf raise instead of a jump.  Workouts consist of 5 days a week for 30 minutes each workout.  These have typically been done over my lunch break at work and on the weekends I will do a hike that is a couple of miles plus a more intense cardio routine than I normal would over a lunch break.  All my workouts involve lots of compound movements involving my body weight.  I try to maximum my time in the most effective way.  So if I am doing a squat I will also be doing an overhead press with weight as I squat.  This just intensifies the moves a little more to put in more effort in my short routines. (picture-Hiking at 27 weeks pregnant)

I believe keeping active during your pregnancy is so important for you and the baby.  So many studies show that working out during pregnancy helps with: more energy, less discomfort, boosts your mood, lowers blood pressure, and improves your sleep.  Also, for me since I have a desk job I need to be able to get in exercise and move my body around for at least 30 minutes a day.  Movement is so good for helping with your circulation and blood flow, which really needs to be focused on during pregnancy.  So here is to a few more weeks until my little girl arrives and to many more workouts to come during and after pregnancy!!!!!

XOXO Heather

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