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Are you ready to transform your fitness & nutrition in a healthy, sustainable way, without giving up your favorite foods and spending hours in the gym?  


I want you to know,  it doesn’t have to be that hard.  

Does this Sound like YOU

  • You feel like even if you workout you don’t look like you think you should

  • You're struggling to find time to get workouts in throughout the week?

  • You feel confused and stuck on how to lose weight and keep second guessing yourself every time you start something new

  • You are sick of hearing yourself say you will start tomorrow or after the weekend

  • Jumping on and off the diet rollercoaster and still not getting the results you want?

  • Feeling lost with meal planning, prepping and how to structure a meal properly?

  • Eating low cal, no carb during the week only to let loose on the weekends and start fresh Monday?

  • Restricting food groups?

  • Losing and gaining the same weight over and over (and over) again?

  • Struggling to find a solution to your weight loss challenges?

  • Feeling unsupported, alone and confused with all things diet and exercise

If you’ve heard all the buzz about macros and wondered if they’ll work for you too, then 1:1 Fitness & Nutrition Coaching with me, is for you! 



Learn how to fuel your metabolism properly so that your body feels safe letting go of unwanted body fat

Learn how to utilize a combination of the right food quantity, quality, and meal composition to accelerate results, perform your best, stay motivated, and recover more efficiently

Build a strong relationship with food by following a plan without zero dietary restrictions

Build solid habits to achieve sustainable and permanent results

Experience food freedom by indulging in your favourite foods and learning how to navigate social events, outings, and vacations without affecting your overall results

Learn how to sustain your results FOR LIFE with an intuitive and flexible approach upon finishing the program

1:1 Nutrition & Fitness Coaching 

1:1 Fitness & Nutrition Coaching is designed for hard working women who want to fit nutrition and excerise into their already busy schedules. My coaching philosophy is to teach you how to make this lifestyle work for you. There is POWER in understanding the diet cycle. If given the knowledge, you'll know exactly what you need to sustain results. Have effective workouts that can be done at home or at the gym through strength and conditioning I am here, as your coach, to help you reach your lifestyle goals, stay accountable, and show exactly what foods you need in your diet to reach your goals without giving up your treats.  

I can’t say enough great things about Coach Heather and the fitness program she has created. I started my fitness journey about two years ago. During this time, I would go through phases where I was really good with my nutrition and getting my workouts in and then there would be days/weeks where I would put it off and eat horribly.


I was consistently making excuses as to why I couldn’t workout. In June of last year I participated in my first Fearlessly Fit challenge and I have been dedicated to my health and fitness ever since. I have learned to make exercise a priority and part of my daily routine. Before I started participating in the challenges, I used to think I had to spend hours at the gym to get a good workout in.Participating in these challenges holds me accountable for my workouts and my nutrition plan. I also love the positive community Fearlessly Fit has created. I have now participated in 4 challenges and couldn’t thank Coach Heather enough. I have gained so much confidence and learned so much about fitness and nutrition.  -Grace


We make sure you’re eating enough to fuel your metabolism

so that your body feels safe letting go of unwanted body fat. Our clients are often surprised to learn that eating too LITTLE can actually prevent them from losing weight because it puts their body into a constant state of stress as it tries to preserve energy.


How to incorporate resistance training into your busy schedule. Build muscle with a custom program for your goals, so you are not doing random workouts and wasting time in the gym.


Knowing the why behind your goals and how to tackle them when obstacles come up


To achieve the lean physique you’re looking for. We specifically target body fat so you get more toned while building or maintaining muscle. (Don’t worry – if you’re tired of tracking macros or anything else about your nutrition, we use an approach that starts with flexible dieting and tracking calories and protein targets to start. Then we can progress to full macros if you prefer or have experience already with macro tracking. 

What's Included & How does it work

Progressive Overload Workout Plan- I will custom design your program to fit your goals with 2 different blocks of training workouts. A big focus will be on strength training to build a toned physique. 


Monthly Calls - Structured to discuss challenges, celebrate wins, and ask any questions you may have. These interactive coaching calls give you a live, 1:1 experience via Zoom.

Life-Time Education and Training: Leave confusion and overwhelm behind and get empowered with the tools to succeed in life. Our clients have said, “This is the last program I’ll ever need.” .


Metabolic/Nutrition Assessment - No more guessing what you should be eating or how much you should consume. You’ll get custom nutrition protocols for you goals


Weekly Progress Assessment - Provided to ensure you stay on track, these check-ins were created to take a deep dive into your daily diet giving me the chance to provide feedback to help you be successful.

Accountability & Support- Voxer access to me 5 days a week Monday-Friday with any questions you have along the way

How Does the Program Work?

Phase 1- Metabolic Restoration 

Prime your Metabolism:

 We tell our clients to think of this as a “preparation phase” for fat loss. It is the first phase where we spend time bridging the gap from where you’re currently at calorically to where you need to be in order to build a solid metabolism that will support sustainable fat loss (aka results you KEEP long-term).


During this phase, we ensure that you are eating enough so that your body feels safe letting go of unwanted body fat and changing your body composition.


This is the key step that most people skip, and the reason that you’re likely stuck. When this phase is skipped in hopes of overnight results, you’re actually delaying your results even more in the long-run. We’ve found time and time again that this phase helps our clients stay more consistent, and produce better life-long results.


Phase 2: Fat Loss Acceleration/ Body re-composition- (Depending on goals)

With us, every client’s plan is personalized based on their individual lifestyle, goals, and personal preference. This allows you to live your life on YOUR terms, while still achieving the results you desire. This includes working around social events, date nights, family dinners, outings, and vacations -- as well as teaching you how you can still eat the foods you enjoy throughout the process. We will monitor your progress on a weekly basis and set up a game plan for when you can eat freely and indulge without it affecting your overall results.


Let’s face it: if you’re miserable on a diet, you’ll struggle to adhere and you won’t be able to sustain your results long-term. Our program allows you to lose weight without losing your sanity.

*Phase 2-can change based on clients specific goal and what is needed first via/ Reverse dieting/or building phase

Phase 3: Lifestyle Integration

In this final, most important phase, we implement what we call an “exit strategy.” We tell our clients to think of this as a plan for transitioning out of tracking, weighing, and measuring food so diligently to a more intuitive and flexible approach. We teach you how to do this AND still maintain the results you’ve achieved long-term.


Not having an exit strategy is why so many people ultimately have to “restart” their diets over and over again. This is why we ensure that our clients acquire the habits, skills, and knowledge to sustain their results on their own.


This doesn’t mean that you revert back to living the life you were before our program, but instead that you are able to walk away with the knowledge for continued success, a new-found confidence, and the ability to always be in control of your nutrition and fitness goals.

(The time frame of each phase will be different for each client based on their starting points and goals)



       Ready to Start Working Together?

Step 1:  Fill out the application form 

Step 2: At the end of the application, you will be directed to my calendar, to book your call to cover all the details on enrolling.

I'm excited to cover all the details with you after viewing your application linked below.

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