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1:1 Nutrition and Fitness Coaching is for people of all types! Fitness/lifestyle/weight loss, I am here to custom programming to you. These programs include workouts, nutritional help, email/zoom check-ins, and more – all based on your specific needs and requests.

1:1 Nutrition/Fitness

1:1 Coaching 


**This is a set 6 Month program** 
- Virtual Pre-Plan Assessment 
- 24 Week Workout Program

- Nutritional Guidance +  Macros Plan 

- Personal Accountability

-Weekly Virtual Check-In's

-Fearlessly Fit Portal for all video modules and PDF's

- Access to Me Monday-Friday 

6 Week

Lift & Lean
We Start on February 5th

This 6-week Challenge is about sculpting both your body and inner strength. This challenge is designed for individuals committed to achieving sustainable goals, enhancing muscle strength, and reshaping their body composition. Join us in the Strength Evolution Challenge and unlock the potential for a healthier, stronger you.

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