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1:1 online coaching is 12-week online coaching for people of all types! Fitness/lifestyle/weight loss, I am here to custom programming to you. These programs include workouts, nutritional help, email/zoom check-ins, and more – all based on your specific needs and requests.

1:1 (3 Month Plan)

Workout + Nutrition Coaching

1:1 Coaching 


**This is a set 3 Month program** 
- Virtual Pre-Plan Assessment 
- 12 Week Workout Program

- Nutritional Guidance +  Macros Plan 

- Personal Accountability

- 101 Macro Guide

- Monthly Zoom Calls

-Fearlessly Fit Portal for all video modules and PDF's

- Access to Me Monday-Friday 

Snow Ready Program
4 Week
Nutrition and Fitness

This comprehensive Ski and Snowboarding Workout program is designed to increase strength, speed, coordination, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and flexibility in the muscle groups that are most used in these physically demanding winter sports.

You will also be learning the importance of your nutrition for pre-during-and post adventures, so you are fueled your best and ready to send it!

4 Weeks

Training 4x a week

2 Days Conditioning- 30 Mins

2 Days Progressive Overload Strength Training- 45 Mins

Home- Light/Heavy pair Dumbbells


Strength training can be done at the gym with machines/barbell

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