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What are others saying about Fearlessly Fit


I asked her if she worked out and discovered that she is a personal trainer and nutrition coach. About 2 months later I signed up for her 4 week group course to get in shape for ski/ride season. I saw great results in my fitness and muscle tone in a short period and then signed on for a 12 week 1:1 Health Coaching program. I just finished that program and experienced awesome results. The nutrition coaching is a key part and Heather really knows "her stuff" when it comes to proper diet with portioning macros for your goal of losing weight, gaining muscle, and/or "getting ripped".


The app is great and Heather includes videos with each exercise showing how it is executed. I have lifted weights for many years but this was the first time I have worked one on one with a personal trainer and wish I had started sooner. The weekly video feedback from Heather is great and the amount of nutritional and training material you receive at the start and throughout the program is voluminous and very educational. You can tell that Heather has been studying this for years and has a real passion for it.  

The most surprising benefit from the program was I learned was that I was not eating nearly enough daily, especially protein. Heather raised me from 1800 calories per day to 2400 over a period of about 5 weeks. I have so much more energy that I am almost never tired anymore, plus I lost about 10 pounds by eating more and added muscle, tone, and dropped about 2" off of my waist.


I am looking forward to continuing with Heather


I really wanted to get back to how I looked and felt before having a baby. But I felt like as hard as I tried I never had the motivation or the right recourses to get there. Heather’s 1:1 program helped me achieve that. I am down 6lbs, lost some inches and feel great!!


I knew that if I had someone to hold my accountable I could finally reach my goals. Doing Heather’s weekly check-in and also having my macros set up for me really helped me achieve what I wanted out of the program.  

The most surprising benefit I gained from joining Heather’s program was that I didn’t realize I wasn’t eating enough through out the day. I didn’t realize that I needed a certain amount of calories to actually loose weight and they weren’t as low as most people think. I loved that I was able to eat what I wanted and still see results!



Before investing in 1:1 Health Coaching with Heather, I was in the continual cycle of yo yo dieting. I had a horrible relationship with food and maintained an “all or nothing” mindset. I would be overly strict on certain days, and other days, would be a full out binge day.


I never had any energy and I just felt so defeated. This became a vicious cycle and I felt so out of control. Heather provided the guidance and knowledge to help reach my goals including healing my mindset. 

I now have food freedom and have gained instrumental insight on the foods that make me feel better!


What surprised me the most is the confidence I have gained!


Not only has my mental health improved but I now understand the process of a true lifestyle change.


I can eat foods that I love and maintain a healthy lifestyle



"Before investing in 1:1 health coaching with Heather, I really wanted to be more active and get into better shape for myself and my family, but I felt like I didn't know where to start, I have very little experience in fitness/health. It was time for a change. I've been watching Heather on Instagram for a couple years now and to see her commitment and dedication and knowledge base and her personal transformation, I knew she'd be the right person to guide me on my journey.
Heather opened my eyes on how to lose weight properly, why I'm eating the calories I am, the importance of tracking your calories and macros, how to push a little bit harder on my workouts and why consistency is so important. To have her keeping you accountable and consistent is fantastic. It's amazing having Heather cheering for you consistently. I really love and appreciate the weekly check-ins.
The most surprising/awesome benefits I gained from joining Heather's program is I'm starting to feel very comfortable in my skin, that was never the case with my old self, it's like new confidence I've gained with all this hard work. I also have a very active job and this lifestyle change has made my job easier. Mountain biking with my buddies on the weekend easier, I'm not the caboose anymore I'm the engine.

The most amazing benefit is the results in my muscle tone/definition in my arms, shoulders and legs. My belly is slowly dwindling away. Just have faith in the program and I did and it's working. Joining the fearlessly fit program is one of the best decision I've ever made. I know this is very cliche but I don't know why I didn't do it sooner."



Before investing in 1:1 Health Coaching with Heather, I really wanted to lose weight, eat healthier, and workout but I felt like it was too hard - I was a new mom, I didn’t have time, and I didn’t know where to start.


Heather helped me first and foremost with understanding the basics - like making better food choices (but no food is off limits, and I don’t have to eat food I hate).


I wanted to feel stronger because I had a baby and I wanted to be able to lift him for as long as I could.


She helped me by making customized strength training workouts. I started to feel better within just a couple of weeks. She stressed that I should complete them on my time, and was there every step of the way.

The transformation has honestly been amazing - this is something that she taught me I can keep doing forever and it’s not hard because she gave me the tools and the confidence to keep going with a more healthy lifestyle.


I fit into pre-pregnancy clothes with sooo much confidence and I feel 1000% better about myself.


If you’re even thinking about signing up for health coaching with Heather, literally run to sign up - she’s the absolute best.



Before investing in 1:1 Health Coaching with Heather, all I really wanted was to lose weight. I had tried so many “plans”, name it and I’ve tried it! Investing in myself with the help of Heather was the BEST thing I have ever done on my fitness journey. I am so thankful for her! With Heathers program, I have been consistent for over 12 weeks. In the past I was ALWAYS starting over on Monday.
She has helped me learn to listen to my body and given me the tools and knowledge I need to keep going. I have learned to fuel my body with food and I didn’t need to cut anything out completely to see results! Oh, and her workout program is TOP NOTCH! She is caring, understanding and she has helped me realize what I am capable of!!  I will forever be Fearlessly Fit with Heather 

I cannot express how grateful I am of Heather for her knowledge and guidance. Even tho I ate healthy before starting, I could have NEVER achieved these goals myself! Change is hard and can feel intimidating, but I am SO glad I trusted the process and have made the time for myself and health. Heather is an amazing coach - every week we touched base and she gave me recommendations, to which I did and saw the results. Heather and her coaching is so uplifting and positive, and yet also the real deal and what you need to hear. The information you gain about a truly lasting healthy lifestyle, yourself and your habits is truly life changing! I cannot recommend Fearlessly Fit enough!! 💕

-Kristen Witherow

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